Wirelessly connected at the speed of light... 

MEDIAWEAR delivers smooth, high frame rate video at 60fps allowing for rich content presentation with more than 1000 pixels.   Moving and flexing with the human body, it is comfortable, and lightweight.   Adding only grams to a garment’s weight,  it is robust and will not break from flex fatigue.  
With the ability to laminate our displays with various materials including wool, cotton, soft shell poly, and leather, our technology disappears into the fabric or accessory and we can offer customization of color and style to your brand’s specifications.   
We’ve designed and fabricated our own proprietary drive circuitry to support custom display shapes and sizes.  Our embedded firmware takes full advantage of every drop of horsepower in our 32bit processor--DMA, interrupt chaining, full-word width peripheral modes.   MediaWear is architected and built the right way from the ground up with years of experience and IP behind it.
Our devices communicate over Bluetooth Classic and Low Energy, allowing real-time streams or low-latency triggers to manage locally stored video content in the panel’s flash memory. Battery life is a function of display size and content displayed.   Very bright video with full illumination across the entire LED array will burn power faster.   A single panel display with typical text and animation content can achieve a battery life of 4-6 hours.    Larger batteries are available and can be sized appropriately for the display and your use case requirements.   
MEDIAWEAR is our proprietary design and we can modify it any way you like.   
We welcome your custom requests and look forward to enabling your brand’s next live event campaign.
holding and bending an Erogear flexible LED display