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The Fos platform delivers a solution suite to textile manufacturers and consumers seeking a fabric-based display for use in activewear, high fashion, safety and lifestyle products.

Stream, Display, React

Fos extends our mobile devices to visually inform the world around us. Low Energy Bluetooth connectivity streams text, images, video, and feeds from social media. Fos alerts of incoming calls and SMS delivering a new and transparent era of connectedness.

Unparalled Engineering

Years in the making - Erogear has solved the manifold challenges in wearable technology. Five plus years of industry leading engineering and patents in the space have delivered the Fos product line. Ten plus hours of battery life in a high resolution, durable, flexible display are at the core of every Erogear product.


Sandra Drucker Wright

Over 15 years of executive level marketing and business development experience, including e-commerce initiatives at leading brands J. Crew and Saks Fifth Avenue. Combines her business intelligence with her passion for finding connections to create high impact partnerships. She has a BA from Colgate University and an MA from Columbia University.

Anders Nelson

Over 7 years creating stage lighting fixtures and consumer electronics design. Left a global semiconductor company in 2011 to pursue wearable display technology full-time. He has a BS in Computer Engineering from Michigan State University.

Jim Baka
Business Developement

Almost 20 of strategic business development in Telecom and Mobile semiconductors. Managed the North American business for Bosch during their market entry into consumer sensors. BS in Electrical Engineering and BS in Economics from Rutgers University.

Alex Irkily
VP of Engineering

14 years of engineering design experience in wireless, embedded hardware, firmware, & server software. Spent last eight years at a leading worldwide semiconductor manufacturer, implementing countless successful customer products & projects throughout North American and Europe for strategic OEMs

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